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XenMenu 1.5.0 - Changelog
Hold my beer; here we go again.
XenMenu: Undetected
This update brings long-awaited compatibility with the GTA 1.43 update. It also adds a few long needed features.

XenJector does NOT work anymore. Download the latest version of XenMenu Injector from the Downloads page instead.

XenMenu 1.5.0
  • Added 10,000 extra props to the creators "All Objects" category. (thanks @MatJoy#1765)
  • Added "Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series" vehicles
  • Added "Spoof Rockstar Dev" - will show you as a Rockstar Dev to many other menus.
  • Added "R* Dev" tag to player list. It won't catch any real developers, as they don't play.
  • Added back super jump, explosive ammo, explosive melee, and fire ammo. (sorry for the delay)
  • Added back blame explosions
  • Swim speed modifier now adjustable
  • Run speed modifier now adjustable (and removed extreme run)
  • You may now inject at any point.
  • General stability & bug fixes.
  • Temporarily(?) reverted modder detection to our old system. - Less accurate, but not broken.
  • Temporarily removed transaction error protection.
  • Temporarily removed protection redirections.
  • We will no longer be going out of our way to ensure compatibility with other cheats. - "Co-loading menus may be hazardous to your Rockstar account!"